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Colorado Springs Buyer Agent - Chuck Wartman


Hiring a buyer agent in Colorado Springs can make your home search process much easier and a lot less stressful

The Benefits Of Hiring A Colorado Springs Buyer Agent

A buyer agent works for and represents the buyer in a Real Estate transaction. They assist their clients through the process of buying a home and provide guidance and support every step. Buyer agents have the knowledge of the local market and the in's and out's of the local practices. 

Buyer Agent Services

In the beginning of the process, Colorado Springs Buyer Agents help with the home search. They can provide information on local schools and guide you to sources of other information you may need. During the transaction, we help with ensuring everything is done correctly. We help with the inspection process, title, gathering information for you to learn about your new home and the area. We set up closing and final walk through and help deal with all the little - and big- issues tat typically come up in a real estate transaction. Basically, we are your goto people when you need someone to help.

Selecting A Colorado Springs Buyers Agent

Take into consideration how you like to do your searches.  How tech savvy do you want your agent to be? Determine (and let your agent know) if you prefer to have a list of homes and drive by them by yourself, or do you prefer to have the agent with you at each property. Your Colorado Springs Buyer Agent can set up a home search that meets your criteria and have it automatically email you when a home comes available that meets your needs. You have to be honest with your agent. Let them know what issues you may have. This will let them know how to best help you and get it fixed. 


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Colorado Springs Short Sale Information - Chuck Wartman (719) 231-5525


http://youtu.be/O9lV5vtB4As My Youtube video

Helping people in the greater Colorado Springs area in mortgage distress is a great cause. If you know someone that cannot afford the mortgage payment in Colorado Springs, I may be able to help. With a Colorado Springs Short Sale the bank accepts less than what is owed against the home. With some short sale programs, such as HAFA, you ma be eligible for a seller incentive of up to $3,000 at closing. 

With a successful short sale, the bank pay for all the fees to sell the home. Some short sale qualifications are; too much debt, having to move for employment, change in income, illness or death of a borrower, Divorce,or unemployment. Please contact me so we can discuss your situation. RE/MAX Properties - Chuck Wartman (719) 231-5525


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